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We are Angela and Leslie Gomez and we are a mamma-daughter duo based out of Phoenix, Arizona. We founded Drop the Label in the summer of 2016 on a simple idea that clothing sizes didn't have to be about numbers.


The traditional clothing size labels in your clothes have no rhyme or reason. We are sure you have already experienced this in changing rooms in stores all over. In Brand “A” you are a size “X”, but in Brand “B” you are a size “Y”. It makes no sense, and the truth is sizing wasn’t created to make sense. So we thought it would be cool to switch up the labeling, encourage compassion, all while bringing attention to important social issues such as fatphobia and eating disorders. Who are we?  We are Drop the Label.


Drop the Label is a movement that encourages the rejection of impossible standards by replacing traditional clothing sizes with positive affirmations-- unrelated to physical appearance. We are working towards dropping literal and figurative labels so that all human beings are seen as complex, dynamic individuals. The foundation of the Drop the Label movement centers around inclusivity and compassion within ourselves and compassion for others.



AngelA Gomez


Angela Gomez is the daughter portion of this duo. Angela designs 95% of the Drop the Label graphics you see on the shirts, stickers, and on social media. And Angela also tries to spend money she does not have.




Leslie Gomez is the mamma portion of this duo. Leslie makes sure that Angela does not spend money she doesn’t have, and offers unconditional support and love the whole way.


We also want to acknowledge our privilege as cis, skinny, white-passing WOC. We do not have the same experiences as black folx, native or indigenous folx, undocumented citizens, folx who identify as fat or live in larger bodies, folx who are disabled, transgender folx, people who are not viewed as conventionally attractive, etc. As we continue to build DTL we will be mindful of our privileges and learn from our mistakes along the way.